When you think of food, wine and Italian culinary tradition, you think of Tuscany. Each area of this historic region has a unique treasure made of inimitable tastes and flavors. Great red wines, truffles, games, the internationally known Chianina steak: just a few milestones in a gastronomic journey through the excellence of Italian cuisine. 


Ristorante Pettirosso


A typical family-style place where you can discover the most authentic local cuisine. In Spring and Summer, enjoy your meal on the beautiful terrace while admiring the landscape and, not so far, the impressive Romanic Church ("la Pieve"). Not to be missed: Tagliatelle alla Caccia with boar sauce and Chianina steak grilled on charcoal fire.

Tel. +39 0587 622111

10 min.


Traditional Tuscan cuisine in an old-fashion and romantic atmosphere. The ancient building once belonged to noble Dal Borgo– Netolitzky family and has been carefully restored to host a restaurant offering the typical local flavors: Tuscan prosciutto tasting, artichoke risotto, cheek lard, grilled bistecca, and more.

Tel. +39 0587 622548

5 min.

5 min.

Antica Farmacia


New management for a cosy Tuscan restaurant which combines a great choice of wines with the best of traditional cuisine and a touch of elegant revisitation. Amazing homemade pastas and cakes.

Don't miss the traditional Villa Saletta wine. 

Tel. +39 0587 622534

2 min.

Villa Dal Borgo


Pizza, antipasti and pasta in a unique frame: the ancient  Villa Dal Borgo garden. This is a young place particularly appreciated by families with kids. On sunset, enjoy your aperitivo cocktail and live music.

Tel. +39 0587 933070

5 min.

Al Pachino


A classic country restaurant, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, midway between Palaia and Pontedera. Very well-finished place with elegant furniture and seasonal variations. Tuscan tradition specialties carefully cooked by the long time experienced owners.

Tel. +39 0587 628040

15 min.


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